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Biomechanics Assessment

A biomechanics assessment involves applying mechanical principles to the body. We look for areas of the body that are not working 100% effectively and efficiently and then correct them.  Sometimes certain areas of the body are tight, weak, working too hard, worn out or lazy.  We assess your postural alignment, range of movement, flexibility, muscle power and control and identify potential issues before they become a problem.

Why have a biomechanics assessment?

  • Reduce your risk of injury and pain
  • Improve your performance skiing or snowboarding (or doing any sport)
  • Prevent imbalances or weaknesses becoming a bigger problem

Following your biomechanics assessment a targeted programme will be created, helping you address the identified areas.

Who is it for?  Everyone.

    powder skiing

  • Are you trying to progress your ski technique to the next level? Optimize your body mechanics so your body can do what you ask of it with ease
  • Do you feel aches and pains after a day on the slopes?  Help your body work more efficiently so that you can maximise your enjoyment on the mountain


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