It is International Pilates day! Which has led me to reflect for a moment on why I love teaching Pilates…

Is it because Pilates is a great form of exercise to ‘strengthen your core’?

Is it because it helps to ‘fix’ back pain?

It gives you a flatter tummy?

Better posture?

Helps you de-stress?

No, for me it is none of the above. For me the great thing about Pilates is just that it gets people moving. It’s that simple. This is want we need to do more of for good health and happiness in this sedentary and screen dominated age. I advise my clients to find whatever kind of exercise they enjoy (as you need to enjoy it if you are going to stick at it!) Pilates is in my opinion brilliant as it caters for all ages and levels of fitness, and can be easily adapted to any injuries or health conditions. Also it is a mindful style of exercising which is so important. 

If you are near Bozel and would like to try a class I have a few spaces in my classes this term. Get in touch for more info. 

Happy Pilates day!